CloudPunch Biometric Time Clock Software

Affordable and Secure Timekeeping Has Never Been Easier

Flexible and Affordable Timekeeping for any Environment

CloudPunch desktop web clock

Convenient for Employees

CloudPunch is a light application that can run in the background of any window-based operating system or terminal.  A simple installation turns any POS, kiosk or tablet into a punch location, with bio-metric fingerprint reader security options making it convenient for employees to punch where they work.

CloudPunch Webclock Security Set up screen

Wide range of advanced security settings

Eliminate the risk and costs associated with buddy punching  with a variety of secure identification options.


  • Fingerprint scan
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Photo Punch

Labor Cost Tracking

CloudPunch empowers employees to select their department or cost center offers at the time of the punch.  Employees can be sure that they are selecting the right location and the correct job function for accurate time tracking and pay.  Managers have more accurate data to monitor costs.

Employee Attestation Survey Summary Report

Advanced Compliance with Attestation Surveys

Attestation tools integrate seamlessly with our time keeping collection source — the OnePoint OneTouch terminal or cloudPunch web entry — to deliver configurable prompts and survey questions that capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time.

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