Product Updates

Streamline Employee Wellness Check with Punch Attestation

Attestation tools in OnePoint allow for questions to be presented to the employee that they attest to typically at the end of a shift.  Attestation surveys were originally designed to way to minimize wage and hour claims.  Now our new attestation enhancements allows you to streamline and track employee wellness check questions when employees punch-in for a shift.

Download the Employee Attestation Questionnaire Datasheet


Custom questionnaires presented on the time sheets or the time clocks capture your employee’s confirmation for meal and rest breaks, hours worked, time card approval, injuries and more when they clock out for the day.

In the new reality of COVID, there is a definite business need to have a consistent and trackable way to survey employees pre-shift about health related questions.  In the latest software release the Attestation tool kit was enhanced to expand the options to capture attestation for various punch situations.


When developing employee wellness check questions, and before including any health-related questions in OnePoint HCM Attestation, please consult with your legal counsel to ensure you are compliant with applicable privacy laws and regulations.


Employee Wellness Check Question Examples:

The beauty of attestation functionality is that you can pose whatever questions your organization will find helpful. Employees can provide answers via mobile device, time clock, or the web-based tool. The mobile graphics below present three examples of employee wellness checks questions to help gather information about employee behavior.


Punch in Attestation Questions


Workflows: Emails and Notification

Using the attestation tool kit improves communication automation.  For health related questions, configured workflow to kick off emails and notifications to various managers that might need to know employee responses before their shift.

Attestation will function as normal and can be helpful for the following situations:

  • Employees may not always have a schedule because of various reasons including an on-call shift or the customer simply does not take advantage of our scheduling solution.
  • The employee leaves early or is very late and misses the attestation prompt window.
  • The employee takes a late break and is prematurely prompted.
  • An employee clocks out after their first shift and clocks into a new unscheduled shift and works a second shift with no meal break, thus not being prompted after the second shift.


Attestation Reporting:

Attestation tools integrate seamlessly within the OnePoint time keeping system to capture accurate employee attestation responses in real-time.  Stored responses create a historical record so managers can monitor employee attestation status, identify trends, enforce wage and hour policies and provide full historical audits quickly.

*OnePoint timekeeping solution is required to run attestation capabilities with web entry or the OneTouch time clock.