Product Updates

Seamless COBRA Administration Solution in OnePoint HR

Access Real-time COBRA Status Data through OnePoint


OnePoint has rolled out a new COBRA Administration solution that seamlessly flows COBRA status directly within our Benefits Administration Solution. This allows our clients to maintain all COBRA information in OnePoint rather than having to access multiple systems to see and monitor COBRA data.

COBRA Administration regulations whether handled manually or outsourced, is riddled with strict timelines, notification obligations and verbiage that result in compliance concerns and potential complications.   The possibilities for unintentional error can potentially open your organization to compliance risks and violations, such as penalties for non-compliance and the potential of responsibility for medical treatment of individuals who failed to receive notice.


Internal COBRA Administration Software

The OnePoint platform automatically triggers COBRA notification when a qualifying event occurs to an insured, current employee or an exiting employee.  All these relevant employees will display on the qualifying event dashboard right in the system. The report illustrates the last activity status for quick reference and allows for additional configurations of columns  that are customizable to your liking, so that other data too can be seen in that snap shot.


Third-party COBRA Administration Software

When utilizing a third party to COBRA administrator communication of these events often fall through the cracks.   A two-way connection to their system will automatically transmit qualifying events to the Cobra Administration provider and in turn update the dashboard with new information.   Automating the COBRA process saves many hours of administration time, provides confidence that you are staying compliant and frees you up to complete more strategic HR demands.


COBRA Qualifying Event Report


Real-time COBRA Data

In addition, having COBRA Administration software seamlessly integrated within the Benefits Administration Solution ensures that you will keep your Cobra data organized and readily available to you at all times. From the Qualifying Event dashboard click into individual employee status for a full visibility into the employee’s history,  exact dates and times that notices have gone out, the status of specific employees coverage and accounts etc. All history is recorded and always kept for easy access. All of this makes your monthly audit of insurance premiums billing a snap!


COBRA Employee Detail


With OnePoint’s Cobra Administration Software you can:

  1. Ensure COBRA compliance.
  2. Keep information organized from the start of an employees hire, to their termination, as well as throughout their COBRA enrollment assisting in carrier billing audits.
  3. Eliminates multiple systems and redundant data entry and communication to log and track Cobra information.
  4. Streamline all COBRA data through One point for full visibility of your COBRA data at any time.

Seamless COBRA administration software is another benefit of a truly unified HCM solution. Within one platform Human Resources can monitor COBRA compliance even, with third party administration services, to easily verify that you are in compliance and prevent fines and other legal issues.