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Scheduling Self Service Features Released for OnePoint TLM

Advanced Scheduling Upgrades For Employee Scheduling Self Service



Any business with a high percentage of non-exempt workers understands that scheduling can be a time consuming process.  What makes scheduling so hard?

  1. Can I accommodate my employees availability and work preferences?
  2. If so, will I still be able to ensure  proper staffing levels are meeting industry requirement and local, state and federal laws?
  3. Or still be able to  accommodate the volume of business that fluctuates throughout the day / season / year?
  4. How do I ensure that and the right combination of employee skills and credentials per shift are present and are reliable?
  5. What happens if someone calls in?  Who do I know to call to avoid bloated operational costs due to overtime and double time?
  6. How do I reduce the effects, costs etc that workforce exceptions management exposes?

Investing in tools that streamline schedule planning helps maximize productivity and maintain compliance while minimizing spend. Automation can reduce the time to create a schedule by 85%.   OnePoint utilizes a single database architecture to auto-populate schedules based on employee skills, certifications, availability preferences stored on their profile.

Faster more accurate schedules cut down on unplanned absences and overtime costs, and new scheduling self-service options empower employees to handle common schedule changes and will keep you compliant when changes need to happen.


New Scheduling Self Service Features:

To learn more about OnePoint Advanced Scheduler, and to take advantage of Scheduling self service as well as other exciting workforce automation functionality in our unified HCM solutions, contact OnePoint to schedule a system demo for your organization today or contact sales.

OnePoint Customers: For more information on configuring the Advanced Scheduler module and the necessary elements to use the self-service functionality, please review the Scheduler Module Employee Self Service Guide. To access this user guide, login to your account and go to:

Our Company > Service Provider Documents.

The guide will be located under the Scheduler heading of the navigation tree (Scheduler then User Guides)