Product Updates

OnePoint Relias LMS Integration Expands Training Options

OnePoint HCM Partners with Relias LMS Integration to Bridge the Professional Development Gap Between HR and Healthcare Workers.  Our game-changing integration automates the way Healthcare HR and training departments assign training to staff and track training for performance and compliance purposes.

The Relias Academy library offers personalized, accredited continuing education courses for healthcare professionals including nursing, physical and occupational therapists, behavioral health, and social work professionals. The online CE program provider helps HR to recognize and potential issues and assign appropriate training, producing better outcomes for all.

The integration between OnePoint and Relias underscores the efficiency and savings potential for organizations to utilize data feeds and API to connect their business platforms. “Our decision to integrate with Relias was a no-brainer”, says David Miller, President of OnePoint.  “While our HCM solution does offer LMS capabilities, we recognize that in healthcare, Relias is the leader in content and delivery for accredited CE credits. OnePoint can configure an automated feed for clients using Relias, based on roles and job requirements that live in the HRIS.  HR and training departments are able to quickly and efficiently get new employees and temps trained and on the job with real-time reporting for compliance”.

OnePoint clients using the Relias LMS integration have realized substantial administrative savings and efficiencies with real cost benefits.

Improve Communication Between HR and Training Department  

In many healthcare organizations the HR department is separate from the employee training department. Keeping two databases in synch can be time consuming and errors or omissions can lead to compliance risk.  The Relias and OnePoint connection ensure changes and updates are reflected accurately in both systems. A change in OnePoint such as a new hire or transfer, is relayed to Relias and new training profiles are created automatically based on the rules.  Without the feed, HR would have to spend hours communicating every change to the training department and then wait for the updates to be entered manually in Relias. OnePoint connector saves both departments valuable time and operational costs. In fact, one client estimates that the API feed saves them a full time staff position that would only be tasked with manual data entry to keep the two systems in synch.

Streamline New Hire Onboarding

The healthcare industry is also known for frequent hiring and temporary workers.  The Relias and OnePoint connector use daily feeds to assign the appropriate training programs to new hires and transfers. This real-time communication expedites the onboarding process and eliminates manual tasks, so new employees are up and running faster, plus it ensures that the employees have the proper training that improves productivity and the patient experience.

Training Temps, Staying Compliant, and Saving Money

A large healthcare client using the Relias LMS integration noted an effortless transition of temporary staffing.  Larger healthcare providers end up with a steady rotation of staff on leave of absence. The OnePoint integration allows for streamlined onboarding of temps.  As they are added to the HRIS the temp workers are automatically registered in Relias based on their job title or department and training is assigned.  They are up and running faster while making sure they have the proper training to maintain compliance.

OnePoint Connect API Manager

The Relias LMS integration is facilitated by OnePoint Connect API manager.  Our unified HCM solution and modern web architecture allows us to build integrations that connect core HR data with other critical business systems your organization uses everyday.  This includes third party cloud products like Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite,, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Indeed, with more integrations in development.  Contact us for a demonstration of how our HCM solutions can transform the way you manage the entire employee lifecycle.