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OnePoint HCM Now Offers Certified Anti Harassment Training 

Cultural and workplace trends like gender and pay equality are affecting the anti harassment training requirements for employers.  Changing expectations and new regulations in states such as New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and California have led to laws requiring training in the areas of unlawful harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation. The trend is expected to continue or even accelerate.   Other states including Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island are considering similar or related legislation.

Investing in training is a critical component to manage organizational risk.  Training is closely related to meeting mandated compliance requirements as well as a key part of an employee development and retention strategy.

OnePoint HCM now offers certified anti Harassment training content, integrated into the unified HCM platform.  “Our modern technology infrastructure allows us to connect education modules like Harassment training for our clients. Anti Harassment training and over 300 other compliance and development courses can then be assigned to employees.  Completion and expiration dates are tracked in a single report within the HCM system,” says David Miller, President of OnePoint HCM.

California Anti Harassment Training Deadlines for 2021

By January 1, 2021, all employers with five or more employees will need to provide anti harassment training. Supervisors must receive two hours of training once every two years, while non-supervisory employees must receive one hour of training once every two years.

A common question:  Do we need to RETRAIN California supervisors who were trained in 2018?

The answer is No.   In August 2019, California updated its anti Harassment training law via SB 778 to clarify training for existing employees that have completed the mandatory harassment training in 2019.  This “clean-up” law delays the implementation of the training requirements established in SB 1343.  Training deadlines are pushed one year to January 1, 2021. Refresher training is required for calendar year 2020, for those employees trained in 2018.  Any new hires must be trained within 6 months of hire. Employees promoted into a supervisory position must be additionally trained within 6 months from the assumption of a supervisory position.

Full Circle Learning Management Through OnePoint HCM

Tracking training and certifications manually is inefficient and error prone.   The unified HCM/LMS eliminates duplicate systems and redundant record keeping, which minimizes risk.  Assign trainings to groups or individuals based on role-based requirements. No additional logins, data transfers, manual record synching.  Most importantly, administrators have up-to the minute status views for a single employee, group or training program. This full-cycle view removes the administrative burdens so organizations can easily deliver robust training programs to engage employees and know they are meeting compliance requirements.

How Can OnePoint HCM Streamline Anti Harassment Training Management

    • Robust Training Catalog – OnePoint LEARN, is integrated within the OnePoint system.  Users gain access to anti harassment training and over 300 course catalogue covering a wide range of compliance, safety and development topics.  
    • Support Compliance and Retention strategies – LEARN LMS offers a broad array of training solutions for both proactive and reactive risk management.  This includes tracking for completion and effectiveness which is synched with OnePoint and displayed on each employee profile in the training dashboard.  
    • Easy Tracking – Track anti harassment training for each employee, or by course, using filters like completion date to stay on top of deadlines. 
    • Monitor Training Renewals – Real-time reporting makes it easy to see when training or certifications are expiring. this enables notifications to enroll employees avoiding any gaps that could lead to compliance risk.
    • Simplify Training Budgeting – the anti harassment training configuration allow administrators to assign a specific vendor and training costs.  This allows for easy views of the courses being taken and the cost to the company.

Anti Harassment Training Requirements Guide

This guide provides an overview of current and pending anti-harassment mandates, including state requirements, upcoming deadlines, and frequently asked questions.