Product Updates

OnePoint Launches Employee Attestation Capabilities

Employee Attestation Gives Employers Powerful Wage and Hour Compliance Tools


Employers can minimize compliance risk by configuring custom attestation questionnaires within OnePoint Workforce Management Suite* based on specific internal, industry, government or union labor requirements.


Attestation tools integrate seamlessly within the OnePoint time keeping system to capture accurate employee attestation responses in real time.  Responses are stored creating a historical record with reporting features so managers can monitor employee attestation status, identify trends, enforce wage and hour policies and provide full historical audits quickly.

Attestation Key Benefits:


  • REDUCE RISK related to compliance with state and local labor laws, collective bargaining agreements, and organization-specific policies.
  • IMPROVE ENFORCEMENT of wage and hour policies with customizable prompts that capture pertinent attestation data
  • EMPOWER MANAGERS to monitor and manage employees’ attestation status.
  • SIMPLIFY COMPLIANCE with automated notifications and reminders.
  • DELIVER A FULL AUDIT REPORT that includes all recorded employee prompts and responses.


Detailed Audit Report of the Attestation Questions and Employee Responses


Employee Attestation Details


*OnePoint timekeeping solution is required to run attestation capabilities with web entry or the OneTouch time clock.