Product Updates

OnePoint HCM Software Now Integrates with Google Apps

Best in Class HCM Technology Now Connects Seamlessly with Google Cloud

Small and mid-sized organizations are realizing the convenience and efficiency of cloud technologies for day to day computing.  But with the explosion of web-based systems, there is more emphasis for all those cloud technologies to be able to talk to each other.

OnePoint Human Capital Management’ Workforce Software was built to unify all core HCM functions in a single cloud based platform. Similarly Google Workspace apps unify office and email software in the cloud.  Now these two critical systems are integrated.

Key Integration Benefits:


Google Maps App

Applicants can see where job postings are located.  Recruiting and hiring managers can see where job applicants are located in relation to the main office address within the OnePoint system.

Report Collaboration

Google Sheets

Download global or team reports into Google Sheets. Give permission to view and/or collaborate based on your predetermined sharing rules. Add or remove permission to the sheets.


Secure Storage

Google Drive

Share and store your reports directly from OnePoint to Google Drive.  Your reports will be available to the people that need them in real-time and sensitive information is contained within your secure file folder configuration.



Integrated Cloud Solutions Provide Secure HCM File Infrastructure

  • Export data files directly to Google Drive, providing historical access to files at any time
  • Provide backup storage for key reports and exported files
  • Provide secure alternative to FTP, email and printing to share data outside of OnePoint system and your organization.
  • Provide payroll a way to automatically store backup point-in-time payroll reports and W2s
  • Provide a secure file structure for records of external integration files
  • Provide seamless storage of HR files external to the HRMS application via a dump, allowing for easy data retention