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OnePoint Adds SMS Text Notifications and Alerts

Employee communication is a critical topic for organizations.  In the age of mobile, employees want to be able to engage when and where is most convenient.  Being able to disseminate information or notifications on multiple platforms has been challenging with most HCM or HRIS platforms.   Especially during times of emergency when employees might not be at the office where SMS text notifications and alerts might be the only way to contact them.

But OnePoint has added SMS notification capabilities to improve delivery of important messages and communications via system, email and now text message.

As a single database, cloud-based Human Capital Management solution, OnePoint offers a strong notification and alert system.  The communication settings already enable alerts and notifications through the system inbox and employee email, but adding the SMS option gives employers more confidence they can reach employees on any device inside or out of the office.


Configure SMS Text Notifications and Alerts


These settings are applied to communication templates including

  • Global Notifications
  • Workflow Notifications
  • Communication Templates (HR only)


Communication template settings can be configured to include whatever mix of options make sense for your workforce.  Employees also have to opt-in to receive SMS communications and can unsubscribe at any point by texting STOP. This keeps you compliant with international and varying privacy laws.  They also have the option to re-subscribe by texting START in the text thread. (OnePoint HCM recommends employers consult legal counsel about obligations surrounding using employees’ personal cell phones for work communication.)


The SMS integration is a global platform that makes sending SMS notifications easy.

  • Send SMS messages with local and toll-free numbers, short codes, custom alphanumeric sender IDs, or by using your own existing phone numbers.
  • Send Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages. Outside the U.S. and Canada, attachments are sent as links.
  • Send text messages over the carrier network to any phone, anywhere in the world.
  • Automatic route monitoring ensures that long-code phone numbers are used to send messages when a carrier is unable to receive messages from short codes, and that global messages always take the best path.
  • Send long messages that will automatically be segmented and reassembled in text screen.
  • Messages sent to the same person automatically uses a previously recognizable phone number to create a consistent experience and maintain conversation history.


Use Cases

Emergency Communications

Given the current global pandemic, a system that gives HR, management, supervisors the ability to reach workers with important updates whether they are logged into the HCM, on company or personal email or via text message.  But any situation where employees need to be reached applies, natural disasters, power outages, active shooter, and more.

Department or Group Notifications

Does a manager or HR need to reach a group of employees urgently?  Maybe an entire shift or department needs to be alerted of something, maybe a group of employees at a trade show needs a travel advisory.  Employers have the additional option to disseminate company communications by text.

Job Applicants

Our SMS feature is a great addition to our Recruitment and ATS platform.  Typical notifications templates “Application received” or “finish your profile” can be sent via text message.  Providing job applicants with real-time confirmations of their application status.

SMS Notification Examples


OnePoint HCM is a modern, unified database for recruiting, HR, benefits, time and labor, scheduling, learning, payroll, and more. The platform architecture gives employees and managers a single login and a common user experience. This gives our clients access to streamlined communications, real-time workforce analytics, and dynamic reporting and dashboards.