Product Updates

New eQuest advantage network boosts recruitment functionality

OnePoint HCM and eQuest Advantage Network streamline and accelerate the recruiting process.


As part of OnePoint Human Resources, eQuest creates significant economies of scale for HR administrators and recruiting personnel by automatically publishing job descriptions and unique application link automatically to the most appropriate job boards within their extensive Advantage Network and search engines.

eQuest uses an algorithm that reviews job title, description and other important details in your job requisition to ensure that it is sent to the best corresponding career sites within the network of over 8,000 free career and diverse sites, including optimized posting for major internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The network is comprised of the following:

–  Major job board aggregators
–  National outreach career sites
–  Diversity sites
–  Veterans sites
–  Social Media
–  Local community-based organizations
–  Newspapers and niche boards
–  Colleges, universities and alumni sites
–  State job sites

Improved Recruiting Analytics & Applicant Insights

As part of OnePoint Human Resources, new eQuest functionality is a powerful and efficient way to extend the reach of your job posts without any additional costs or administrative time.  The eQuest product generates a unique tracking link and URL for each job to track track the volume and caliber of applicants from each job board.

Advanced recruiting analytics to see what volume and caliber of candidates are coming from each site to refine your recruiting strategy over time.