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E-Signature Enhancements Streamline Employee Onboarding

The employee onboarding process will always have paperwork that needs to be signed and submitted.  Even if onboarding is automated with checklists and workflows, signing printed forms can be a tedious process for new hires.  OnePoint HCM new e-Signatures enhancements streamline employee onboarding so your new hires can complete and wet sign the required forms though self-service on any device.


Employee Offer Letter Custom Template

Automate the Offer Letter with Custom Templates

Hiring an employee starts with extending an offer letter. In OnePoint, create a custom offer letter template. Then activate e-signatures so new hires can view and accept/sign their offer letter through self service.

Once assigned, the applicant receives a “To-Do” item in their applicant profile. From there, they review the offer letter and sign if applicable. Once complete, applicants submit the letter and move to the next step in the workflow.

Onboarding e-Signature benefits

    • Speed the onboarding process
    • Minimize the paperwork and forms that needs to be printed
    • Pre-empts a potential change of heart or the candidate accepting a counter offer

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e-Signatures Auto-Trigger Onboarding Checklist Steps

Workflows are a great way to keep the streamline employee onboarding processes. Set up workflows based on the offer letter e-signature.  The new hire signed offer letter triggers the next step in the Onboarding process. Program auto-notifications to the hiring manager and HR. Kick off the pre-boarding portal and activate the onboarding checklist.

Employee Onboarding Offer Letter e-Signature Workflow



Curated Dashboard for Employee “Pre-boarding”

OnePoint Employee Onboarding Preboarding DashboardDon’t wait for the first day to get your new hires engaged. The new Pre-boarding Dashboard creates a customized portal to engage your new hires. It includes any curated content customized for the new hire and organizes tasks that can be done after the offer letter is accepted (but before the first day of work.)

Deliver your new hires any information, links, or rich content that you want to share about the company, the manager, the team, training materials, videos, press releases and more.

e-signatures can also be used to automate the sign-off for other forms to streamline employee onboarding further. You can collect wet signatures for the I-9s, benefit enrollment, handbook other custom forms that are part of the onboarding checklist.



Streamline employee onboarding on any device

OnePoint Human Resources Solutions delivers a consistent user experience on any device. This is crucial to engage employees with the information when and where they need it. As high as 80% of job applicants are conducting job searches and applying for jobs via mobile device.   Companies that can deliver a fully mobile applicant experience gain the competitive edge in the tight labor markets and with the spike in remote workers. Being able to automate the job offer process so new hires can sign their offer letters immediately from their phone empowers candidates to take immediate action. Further streamline employee onboarding by offering this automated experience via any device including mobile.