Product Updates

Biometric Signatures for the Mobile User Experience

Today’s workplace is on the go, and most employees expect access to self-service to handle HR tasks via mobile device.  OnePoint Mobile HCMToGo offers robust self-service features.  But what happens when an HR action or task requires a signature for validation?

OnePoint Introduces biometric signatures for the mobile user experience.  Now your employees can sign custom forms, checklists, benefit enrollment forms using the mobile device. Using their fingerprint or device facial recognition, employees can sign off on forms while on the go.

OnePoint HCM already uses mobile device fingerprint and facial recognition to authenticate user logins via a smart phone.  The new enhancement simply uses the same biometric authentication to sign off on required HR tasks and forms. Currently biometric signatures can be configured for:

  • Custom form signature steps**
  • Checklist confirmation required steps
  • Benefit enrollment
  • ACA electronic consent
  • Direct deposit electronic consent

(**Configuration does not include W-4 or I-9 signatures)


Biometrics Signatures Configuration Menu


As more people rely on their mobile devices for everyday activities and interactions, delivering a mobile self-service experience empowers employees and reduces many ad hoc HR requests.  With OnePoint Mobile Solutions employees can access the information they need, initiate changes and requests, complete checklist and now sign off on certain forms and tasks via mobile devices.

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