Product Updates

5 OnePoint Applicant Experience Enhancements

If you missed our Talent Acquisition Webinar, check out the five recent enhancements available in the OnePoint Recruitment and ATS solution that streamline the hiring process for administrators and applicants!

Hiring stages widget added to job requisitions

John is a recruiter whose company is ready to begin the hiring process again. Taking a look at the internal job requests, John sees that there are two types of positions open: standard minimum-wage positions and upper-level management positions. Previously, all applicants were presented with the same applicant experience regardless of what type/level. Now, with this latest recruitment enhancement, John can set different global hiring stages for each job. Recruiters can create hiring stages that are unique to each job. Now recruiters like John can tailor the application process and gain more in-depth information for higher-level positions and quickly funnel applicants through.

Who will use it: Recruiter


Hiring Stages For Applicant process


Creating job requisition templates using existing requisition

With new sets of unique hiring stages for the two open positions, John needs to create a job template for each requisition, which sometimes isn’t the quickest or easiest task for HR.  Instead of taking time out of a busy day to create templates for each open position, John can now can use an existing job requisition as a template. This saves time while simultaneously creating templates as job requisitions are posted. John  is able to get those job requisitions out the door and posted faster than ever.

Who will use it: Recruiter



Resume required for both quick apply and traditional applicants

Before posting the job requisition, John notices a new box he can check to make it mandatory for applicants to upload a resume before they can apply. This is great! The upper-level management position needs to have a resume. By checking this box, it ensures they won’t be missing any applicants’ resumes. If the box is left unchecked, it will be optional for a resume to be uploaded with the application. This  is perfect for the standard minimum-wage requisition where an immediate resume may not be needed.

Who will use it: Recruiter and Applicants


Resume Required for Mobile job application

Multiple resumes allowed for both quick apply and traditional applicants

The job requisitions are now posted. It’s important that the applicant experience is easy and engaging from the start. This helps them recruit top talent.

Two of the requisitions catch the eye of Matt (an applicant), who just recently left his last job. Although the jobs are in the same department, Matt wants to tailor his resume to each position.

Thanks to this resume enhancement, he can upload a different resume to each requisition. He updates his resume and applies for both jobs, using the quick apply feature.

Who will use it: Applicants



Text Alert application receivedEmail and Text notifications for quick apply applicants

Matt’s applications are submitted and ready to be reviewed.

Right after he applies, he receives an email and a text letting him know his applications have been received and giving him information on how to access the job portal and set up his profile.

This enhancement benefits both Matt and John. Matt knows that his application has been received, right away via text message and email.  He can access the job portal with his link to check for updates.

John  saves time and pushes Matt through the process quickly and efficiently.

Who will use it: Recruiter and Applicants



Finding top talent is more critical than ever.

To compete for best-fit employees, the recruitment processes and the applicant experience will make a difference for recruiting success.  OnePoint recruitment and applicant tracking gives HR/recruiters the time-saving tools to automate job posting, qualify candidates and simplify the communication process.  Contact us to see how our HRIS can support the entire talent management lifecycle.