Turnkey Benefits Admin Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Companies large and small are investing in benefits admin solutions to streamline enrollment, eliminate complicated paper forms and automate carrier feeds.  OnePoint HCM is a smart choice for your clients. We deliver a flexible and scalable benefits admin solutions, built for their needs, within our full HCM Suite.   We aren’t a white label solution, but Brokers like to recommend OnePoint HCM to their clients because we are plan agnostic, have thousands of carrier integrations and we DON’T sell insurance.  Your clients implement a enterprise-class HR technology solution with great customer service and you don’t have to worry about losing BOR.

All-in-one benefits administration technology that helps you serve your clients better

  • Provide a smoother enrollment experience for all your products including medical, dental, FSA, 401K, Voluntary Life
  • Accurately and quickly transmit data and updates to insurance carriers without manual/redundant processes
  • Empower client's employees to review, compare, enroll in or changing benefit plans through self-services
  • Use OnePoint to automate COBRA administration
  • Configure the OnePoint platform to meet the size and scope needs of every client you serve

Powerful Technology Supports The Partnership

OnePoint specializes in implementing custom configured HCM solutions for small and mid market clients.  Companies of all sizes are interested in ways to automate and streamline their workforce management processes through integrated systems.  We can deliver a scalable all-in-one HCM solution including HRIS, timekeeping, payroll and benefits together or as individual components.  Our insurance broker partners trust OnePoint as their HCM Solution for three reasons:

  • Modern and fully scalable capable HCM platform to meet clients needs.
  • Commitment to customer service and long-term success and ROI
  • We don’t sell insurance, are not a competitor and don’t go after the Broker of Record.


Benefits Administration

Simplify benefits administration and empower your employees by automating enrollment tasks and storing all your data in one place. Consolidate disparate systems and paper forms into one unified cloud-based infrastructure to see a complete set of HR and benefits data on each employee’s record.

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